The dirty web = yuck politics!

Yup, I am back with yet another boring post on internet! Remember the previous one was a few days ago about .com domain names? if not, click here to read it.

I sometimes wonder that do we Indians really lack talent? Well, I am talented (at least I believe so.. as some of them have me some good feedback) and if you are reading this, you are talented too! the reason being only talented people read blogs and news papers to keep themselves updated. or the least they do is they watch the idiot box, listen to radio or have some bloody means of communication to keep themselves updated.

Now that you know that information is power and that since you are talented enough to keep yourself updated, I am sure that at some point of time in your e-life you happened to visit a website that’s “provisioned” under the e-governance if not, try to google them up and find it (it’s hard though as these sites are mostly not search engine optimized!!) Or head to the GOI that’s Government Of India Directory here.

The first example is the GOI directory itself!

I agree, NIC (National informatics Centre) has actually taken the pain to build a directory of links to government websites so that we can find the ones we want but where’s the search option ????? I took a few minutes to figure that out (Yup they have it! thank god!) and that’s towards the left of the page you have some tiny icons and the last icon is the search icon !!! Now, the question is why din’t they copy from other directory services ? It’s common design sense that a search bar is the most important one that people look for it (as people are used to it) and in fact that’s the easiest way to find too. Guys at NIC, if you are listening please It’s not just one search bar, it’s the most important one.

And there are many government websites which are actually so damn useless like our Indian political scene that they are not worth reviewing! It feels as if a person who never knew what designing is, has “designed” it! Moreover, like the political parties promises, they don’t do what they are there for! Worst of all the person who designed it even gets paid (that’s after taxes and commissions) and that’s our “taxed” money!

One more fact is that there are server administrators etc employed (on contract via tender of course!) to maintain them. Worst still is that it says © 1999 !! Guys, it’s 2010 to remind you.

Well, the only two websites which I found a bit dignified is the National Portal ( and Incredible India

If you have come across any good government website, please leave a comment below and I’ll be happy!