On Google Search With Blogger?

I am new to blogger.com and something I always assume ( and was once wrong. ) is that if it’s Google, it has to be simple and accordingly, It was simple! Right from template to custom domain. All in a few click and a little css.

Now the question I had was, How can I increase my chances of getting my posts found on Google without an XML sitemap?

Remember that sitemap stuff on Google Webmaster Tools where you can submit your XML sitemaps for the deamon to crawl? Just in case if you have no clue about what I am talking about, just search for “Google XML Sitemaps” to know.

Here’s the trick that I discovered.

All you have to do is authenticate your domain name for ex: you.blogspot.com or you.com using the meta tag method that Google Webmaster Tools gives since you cannot upload the HTML file given (You’ll get this options of domain authentication once you put sign in to Google Webmaster Tools using your Gmail ID). How you can do is by just going to the “edit html” option under the “Design” tab and simply pasting the meta tag on the head section of your template file and save.

Refresh the page and go back to Google Webmaster Tools and click verfy to verify ofcourse.

Now, all you have to do is navigate to the sitemap section in the left hand menu of Google Webmaster Tools and click add a sitemap!

You’ll by default see that your web address that’s you.blogspot.com or you.com with a trailing slash is auto-populated and you get to add the rest of the URL.

Just type in “atom.xml” (without quotes) or if you are using the blogger beta system, type in “feeds/posts/full” and save!

You will get a confirmation stating:

You have added a Sitemap. Reports may take several hours to update. Thank you for your patience!

Have patience as your blogger.com blog will soon be on Google search results for Free!