Get ready for .anything!

I am very much excited about the recent approval by ICANN to launch new generic top-level domains. Generic top-level domains, gTLDs, are basically anything to the right of the furthest dot, .com, .org, .net for example. This decision by ICANN means anyone can submit an application to request a new gTLD. It’s safe to say lots of brands will submit applications, like .coke and .you, but there will probably be plenty of .video, .green, and .beer’s to go around.

This decision marks a milestone in the history of the Internet. It is the biggest expansion of new gTLDs …ever! It will drastically change how people navigate, interact, search, and find information on the web.

So put your thinking caps on, ICANN will start accepting applications January 12th through April 12th, 2012. Fair warning, applications cost $185k! .But .Just .Think .Of .All .The .Possibilities! I’m very eager to see what gets approved to see what exciting new extensions OnSkies will be supporting!

That doesn’t mean you have to forget .com’s etc. you can still register them! Remember, an application costs $185,000! meaning, not everyone can afford it!