And the life changed

It was a safe place,
the womb of love and care,
For the world I din’t know,
And the life changed.

I was named without my consent,
I was called with a nick and I responded,
I was given those painful vacinations
And the life changed.

I went to a nearby school,
I learned to read and write,
And then I started writing exams,
And the life changed.

I joined a college for graduation,
With absolutely no idea about it,
All i used to do was sit,
And the life changed.

I started talking for pay,
I spoke to straight and spoke to gay,
I worked for money, I used to say,
And the life changed.

Now, I dunno why I exist,
I feel the world is for none,
And all are in shit,
But the life keeps changing,
And so the thoughts, like fart’s smell,
Keeps changing with the change.
I closed the door and it banged,
And the life changed.

It never occurs, it’s never constant,
Change is constant, and continues is change,
Past isn’t equal to present and so’s the future,
Before I stopped thinking, the life changed.

I fell in love and rose outa pit,
I’ve smelled the flowers and the shit,
I’ve lived enough is what I feel,
70 years is too long,
But the life changed.

I want to live now,
I don’t wanna cry or just be shy,
It’s almost time to booze, it’s nine,
I just Let the fuck happen,
And the life changed.

Thankyou Blog Adda for featuring my poem 🙂