Not Just Another Phone Call.

Yesterday morning, I was all set to write a story for LB with a cup of tea and my comp. I made up my mind that come what may, I’ll get up only after finishing the story.

My phone was ringing continuously (I don’t like to keep it in silent mode unless I’m in office.) and I din’t have the patience to pick it up. It was a call from my friend called Deeksha..She’s such a bimbo. Every other day she calls me up and all she talks is about her boy-friend and nothing else. Yup, her boy-friend is a big-shot. And yeah.. she’s even told me what happens at all hours of the night and the birds and the bees experiences.

Okay, so I kinda got distracted after the phone rang for the fifteenth time. At this stage, I thought let me call her back.

She picked up and all I could hear was loud rock music playing in the background. I thought she’s having a blast… But Hello.. On a Monday morning? I guessed she was playing a prank and was about to hang up.. Just about that time, I could hear her cry. The music was no more.

She was crying her eye out. By this time I could feel the sense of guilt in me. My mind was ready to face the music for not picking her call fifteen times. Believe it or not, I was about to burst into tears with a thought that five years of friendship is now down the drains. I din’t want her to think that I was just her fair-whether friend of her. I tried to console her.

I said, ” Hey listen, Say Something… What happened?

She said, “I’m broke, I’m no more.”.

I Said, ” Don’t worry, we can get things working. Tell me. What Happened.”

She said, “You can’t, he broke my heart again, and this time nobody can fix it.”

At this very moment, I thought of telling her that enough is enough. I know it’s a downer. Just get out of the blues and get busy with your life. Get yourself a fresh pair of eyes and feel free and easy. But I had to bite my tongue because she might just draw conclusions.

I said, “But, Why?”

She said, “He’s no more. He died last night in an accident.”

I was about to keel over. I got a cold feet and just about anything I wanted to tell her was half-baked.

By the time I could tell her anything, She hung up.

I tried to call her many times. Her phone was switched off.

My mind is tired of thinking what might have happened.

What do you think ?