ERR:143 Interrupted Exception.

This is just a story which digs my imaginations to bring you a good read. Nothing is factual as it may sound and this story does not refer to anybody in person and if at all it refers, It’s mere co-incidence.

0930 Hrs: It was a Friday morning. I woke up with the irritating polyphonic sound of my mobile phone. Well to you, I work from 12 noon to 9 pm.

“Hi, Gud morning.” A sweet voice said.

“Gud Morning. Who’s this ?” I replied.

Oh no! not again, The placement consultants had already bugged me to get me a job.I guessed it was from them again. I already have a job!

“Ritu Here, I guess you know me. I’m your HR.”

I work for Alwin Media Corp. I help customers with their Queries. And I know I am good at it.. But My HR ?

I don’t like Ritu. She’s a Bitch. And I wondered why she’s calling me. For A Fuck ?

“Yes. I Do.” I replied.

Ritu: I guess you should start looking for a new job.

Me: What?

Ritu: You are fired.

Me: It’s just 5 days I joined Alwin. And I am Fired? On what basis?

I was in the highest of my tempers and tensed and agitated and irritated. I was just not ready to take this shit. It’s Bull shit.

Ritu: On the basis of Harassment. You harassed a girl and that’s why you are out.

Me: If I may ask who that was?

What the hell. I never expected this. I don’t even speak to girls. I rather don’t know how to speak. Forget harassing. I don’t even try and talk flowery words with a girl. I don’t know how to. And Harassment? Me? Baaak Puk Puk Puk..

Ritu: Ya, It’s your team mate. Dianna Peters. And you know it’s a zero tolerance policy. We have enough evidence and witness. It’s better you don’t come to work w.e.f today. You got that ?

I never wanted to work in this company anyways. I wanted to resign. But getting terminated for no fault of mine was unacceptable to me.

Me: Can I talk to Dianna Please ?

Ritu: That’s of no use Manoj. I can help you with the contact number of a Consultant instead. Go. Get yourself a new job.

Me: No Thanks. I know men are dogs. and will remain so… I don’t want to justify anything.

Ritu: No one has asked you to.

Me: Anything else?

Ritu: I pity on you. But I din’t expect this from you.

Me: You’re wasting my time. Thanks for everything. I never expected I would join a company of FOOLS. I know I’m Right. Don’t ever call me up. Even if you find out that I’m innocent. And yes, You have taken a wrong decision and You guys are in deep shit. Bye.

I disconnected the call.

So here’s what happened …. Dianna thought that I was eying her and stuff. But that’s not the fact.

We spoke once but just that nothing worked. One of her friend who was eying her did a systematic brainwashing so that she can complain against me.

And that’s it. You have the call in front of you!

Girls always trust people whom they are not supposed to.