The End Of The Moonlit Road.

Disclaimer: This story like others is just my imagination and is not related to anything or anyone. And if it does, it’s just bloody co-incidence.

It’s 4:00 am in the morning and I hold this letter in my hand which anamika had sent me 4 years ago. I had dumped this in my cupboard since then. I have a reason to search this out from the pile of useless things. It only read,

I cannot stop loving you till I get a new life (i.e., after I die.)

Your’s Lovingly — Anamika.

I read this atleast 50 times tossing over on my bed which I din’t even care to do in 4 years. I wish we had never broken up. And today, I realise the pain she had gone through 7 years ago. She’s now married to an NRI and has a kid whose about 9 month old and I guess she is happy. Well, I wish atleast she is happy and her life is definitely not like mine. SCREWED UP.

I remember the last words we spoke when we broke up or did we?

“I Love You Dammit! Why don’t you understand me? I want to be with you always. Do you get that?” she said, “you can’t even pick my call and even when you do, you do just for the heck of it. Why don’t say something? Speak up.”

“Thanks, for the permission, mam” I blurted. “Can you listen to me now? I can’t be with you anymore Anny. I have to study, grow up, be rich like your dad. I cannot afford to put my dad down. Do you know how harsh your dad was? He called my dad a beggar!” I was screaming at the top of my voice. “I don’t want anything else but happiness of my dad.”

“I am sorry.” she said. This time her voice was clogged.”But…”

“Please, stop this. I beg you. Your dad has already certified us!” I shouted. “Please, give this beggar some peace.”

“Please, listen to me. I can wait for you.” she said. “I am sure you can do wonders, you are talented.”

“Thanks, but no thanks, Bye now. and forever.” I said. “And my final request, don’t assume things would be fine, ‘cos I never Loved you and will never love you.”

“I will be waiting. And I am sure even my Dad will apologize.” she said as she walked off crying.

Wish I wasn’t harsh and hasty. Wish I had given it some time, but it’s too late to think about it. To this moment, I feel empty because even though I have the money and I have a respectable job, I had lost the most important part of my life. LOVE.

I work for an MNC as a Senior Software Developer and I hope this gives you a fair idea about my bank balance. It was all awesome and I was a happy single until 8 months ago when my dad and mum decided to get me married to a Businessman’s daughter.

Anupam Seth a multi-millionaire with 12 petrol bunks, 24 restaurants and 3 shopping malls and his daughter Priya Seth was the one I am getting married to. Priya knew me before as I was her classmate during my Graduation and this marriage proposal came from Anupam seth ji which sometimes gave me a feeling that probably Priya used to like me.

September 7 , 2009. The day when Priya and I exchanged rings which changed my orkut and facebook status to “committed”. Our marriage date was fixed and It’s today 31st August, 2010.

It was all arranged. A grand marriage. For me it was more like the protagonists in the movie “Avatar” Where they pray and kill their prey. The difference I was the prey and not the protagonist. (For those who din’t see Avatar, the special edition is now in theaters!)

“Hello!” I spoke out. I just got the most important phone call of my life which changed it completely!

I hope you got it! If not watch some Hindi movies! LOL.