Wall Poster

Here today, gone tomorrow,
I’m wall poster,
for joy and for sorrow,

People make to scream louder,
Scream here and scream there,
I say “Hello”, I say Beware,
I say “Save me”, I say “I swear”.

I am born ‘cos the trees die,
But I gotta give out messages,
though with a sigh.

You color me RBG,
And stick me at all places,
with a glue, to glee.
I swear I feel bad when you pee,
On me, and spit or throw dungs at me.

You gotta get this right,
I ain’t no imposter,
You ask me to say, I say it.
It’s your problem not mine,
I ain’t guilty, nor for the tree,
neither for your dime.

You stick me where’s “stick no bills”,
and u make me promote bacardi and wills.
I’m not a smoker, neither I drink,
When I promote politics,
Just that I become a prey of your spit.

You’ve got a modem n a router,
You can check out my children online,
Now let me retire.