Less than three (Geeky)

this is n00b tru love,
though u prolly knew that.

i’m ok w/it
u kno
2b loved like an old computer
sans the comfort
of ctrl+alt+delete
though we could pretend
it’d work
to fix the errors in our relationship,
to brb at the beginning
or w/e.

but w8 — 
it’s 2 early for that;
we’re more like puppies
(lol soooooo cute!),
eggs, overly ez.

I shk,
w/o fear,
that 2nite we’d move
from puppies to
full-on canines,
teeth sharpened
into cya l8r,
into I don’t so much love u,
as h8 u.

d/w, baby
h/o, baby
so long, baby.

no longer n00bs.
just pwned by feelings.

omg, it hurts.

Originally written by Alexa Lash. Copied by me 🙂