No IPv6 on these domain extensions yet!

I am pretty impressed with how Internet is shaping up today and with more and devices becoming communication ready, there is no doubt we need new system of addressing these devices so that they can communicate effortlessly among each other. We had an official World IPv6 launch yesterday and many websites and organizations including Facebook and Google have permanently enabled IPv6 support.

And anything but the first target being the domain registries, the domain providers need to support this for their own economical and technical continuity. Most of them have understood this and have clearly transitioned to support both IPv4 and IPv6 and there are still a few who don’t support it yet.

Here’s a list of domain extensions who don’t support IPv6 completely yet. This list was curated by Patrick “Jima” Laughton.

There are 312 domain extensions worldwide and the list of the domain extensions not supporting IPv6 completely are broken into two parts.

  1. Domain extensions without IPv6 nameservers.
  2. Domain extensions with nameservers without IPv6 glue in the root zone.

First up, there are about 44 domain extensions without IPv6 nameservers. They are:

.ai .ax .bb .bd .bh .bo .cc .ck .cx .dj .fk .fo .gf .gm .hm .iq .jobs .kp .ky .mh .mil .mp .mq .name .ni .pf .pk .pro .pw .sl .sr .st .td .tg .tl .tv .uz .vi .vu .ws xn–lgbbat1ad8j xn–wgbh1c xn–ygbi2ammx .ye

Secondly, we have about 56 domain extensions with nameservers without IPv6 glue in the root zone. They are:

.ai .aw .ax .bb .bd .bf .bh .bj .bn .bo .bs .bv .cc .ck .cm .coop .cx .dj .fk .fo .gf .gm .hm .iq .jobs
.kp .ky .mh .mil .mp .mq .mv .name .ni .pf .pk .pro .pw .sj .sl .sr .st .sv .td .tg .tl .tv .uz .vi .vu .ws xn–lgbbat1ad8j xn–wgbh1c xn–ygbi2ammx .ye .zw

More and more domain extensions are transitioning to native IPv6 support and hope this list heads to zero ASAP!