I give up Freelancing!

A friend of mine did a smart thing today. He quit freelancing above his full-time job. Probably he saw me burying myself with work which possibly made him realize that making this extra money above and beyond really doesn’t do a lot for you if you have no time left to enjoy it.

Well, I am now thinking to do the same. His decision was awesome. What he told was that He still will be focusing on his own projects when he has the time.
That’s the key, do things at our own pace. Our clients don’t know what we have on our plate and they never will. It’s not our job to educate them that we are busy. It’s our job to either push them on to other capable people and turn down the work or to intelligently take it on ourself and give them realistic deadlines.

I have not done that. I just take it on and take it on until red lights appear everywhere that I need to stop. I think even my friend did the same thing for which he has descide to quit it. I think I need to fight this thing in me that says, go ahead, take another project, volunteer for this, do that work for free, help out with this and blah!

When I was a kid, I enjoyed life and each day with wide-open eyes. I loved what I did for fun and I had passion. Well, I haven’t changed much. I still love what I do and I approach the world with passion and a commitment to excellence. However, one thorn in my side keeps me from retaining that child-like view of the world.

Work. I work way too much and this has to change.

Again, pricing my work is also important. I kinda go way ahead is wrongly pricing a project and then later regretting because of the unexpected heavy work load.

Well, all said, what really hurts is that everyone thinks that they are a designer and that the end product which comes out is bull shit and I really hate to say that “I Designed It!”

So What’s my final decision?

Fuck Freelancing! I want to live free and for that I am changing the enitre business model.