Why renew your domain name!

As a domain owner you know that your domain name is vital to your online presence. That’s why it’s incredibly important to renew your domain name. Renewing your domain yearly (and with plenty of time to spare) is great for protecting your online investment. However, choosing to renew your domain for five or more years is ideal.

So why choose to renew your domain for five or 10 years?

1. No worries

 Renewing your domain for an extended period saves you valuable time — mainly because you won’t have to manually renew every year.

2. No down time

If your domain expires your clients will not be able to access crucial information on your website, making your business lose out on traffic and potential customers (it also looks pretty bad!). Any email addresses associated with your domain will no longer work either. Renewing your domain for a longer period of time makes it less likely you’ll forget to renew.

3. You own your own domain

If your domain expires and for any reason you forget to renew it, you no longer own your domain. This means anyone else can register it. This could mean life or death, especially when things get busy and renewing your domain is the last thing on your mind.

So whether you use your domain as an information resource, e-commerce site, etc, renewing your domain for a longer period of time will not only allow you to focus on other things, but will secure your online presence for years to come.